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5 Reasons Your Instagram Isn’t Cutting It – Social Media Marketing Tips From SHM

5th October 2015

You’ve created your account, you’ve uploaded some content, you’ve followed some accounts – but the bounty that was promised by the social media gurus just hasn’t materialised! What’s going wrong with your social media strategy? Fortunately we know a thing or two about online marketing, so don’t panic.

1) No theme – it’s important that you have a thought-out approach when it comes to social media marketing. What is your company about? Is your Instagram reflecting the product you sell? Or is it more about the identity and culture of your company? Decide on this, and have a consistent approach to posting.

2) Generic content – It isn’t fair, a competing company has hundreds of thousands of followers, and got 200 likes in 2 minutes by posting an ‘I hate Mondays’ quote. Life isn’t fair. If you want interactions on your social media posts, you need to generate interesting, original content. It’s just how the social media marketing cookie crumbles.

3) Not making the most of captions – Why should people care about your picture? What story are you trying to tell? All of this is key to successful online marketing using Instagram. If you don’t have time to invest in social strategy – you need some help from the best (wonder who they might be…)

4) Irregular posting – It’s crucial that you have an active presence. Whether this is daily, or three times a week, or every Friday is up to you, but the more you post, and the more regularly you can make this, the higher your engagement will be. It’s pretty simple.

5) Lack of engagement – Your strategy is working – you got 10 comments on the last picture! But you didn’t reply to any of them. That’s a huge problem in terms of how well you come across on Instagram. If you don’t engage, you’re essentially closing doors instead of walking through them. You need to be proactive about online marketing with your Instagram account.

Need some oomph in your online marketing strategy? You know who to call. (It’s us).

If all of this sounds pretty tiresome, and like something you don’t want to have to think about on a day to day basis, or some of it has gone over your head, then it might be time to hand over the reins to people who eat, sleep, breathe social media marketing. It’s no good claiming your company name on Instagram if your following is low, and it isn’t helping to boost your online presence.

Why not give our friendly (and super sociable) team a call to discuss what sort of options you have for your online marketing strategy. We’d be happy to make a success of your social – we’re currently taking King Street by storm, so get in touch to be part of the SHM social whirlwind!