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Contour Cosmetics gets the sweet treatment from SHM’s PR Company prowess!

3rd March 2016

We love to help our clients achieve success, and our latest exciting news concerns beauty brand Contour Cosmetics! Since the conception of Contour, our online marketing team has been integral to all aspects of the company, which originally included the concept, branding, design elements and the website.

Contour Cosmetics were so happy with the results that we delivered, that we were also tasked with handling their social media presence! The client’s ultimate goal was to be used by the queen of contouring herself, Kim Kardashian. Our PR team got to work, and with a carefully strategized campaign, Contour has exploded into an international powerhouse of a brand, featured on the faces of stars the world over, as well as the most prestigious beauty and lifestyle magazines.CcoAfMqWwAAiadU

This week you may have seen some very exciting images across your Facebook and Twitter, of Kim Kardashian wearing Contour’s cream makeup palette! In just under a year, the client’s ultimate goal has been delivered! It’s been such an exciting journey to take Contour Cosmetics from its birth to this amazing achievement! Watch this space to see what the next success is for Contour Cosmetics!

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