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Could Siri be changing the way Search Engine terms work? Hear the latest from an SEO Company

4th March 2016

Mobile search has gone vocal. With the vastly improved technologies of voice recognition, and the heavy adoption of voice search through things like Siri and OK Google, the way we search online is changing constantly. The history of search has been in something of an arc. Originally when people adopted google, the search engine terms that were inputted were quite long form. As user confidence with search engines improved, search terms became shorter and more succinct. This is just one way that SEO companies have adapted over the years, gathering data on how users interact with search engines and keywords.

Today’s search users type queries that they believe will get straight to the point, safe in the knowledge that Google knows what they mean. Language has become disjointed and the relationship between words is often lost. However, search engines have worked hard  and have (mostly) figured out the needs of the user based on prior queries, localisation and even a bit of guess work.


SEO in Manchester and the arrival of voice search

We’re now living in a whole new environment. With mobile SEO now accounting for a large portion of the market, users constantly on the go and 3g and 4g becoming ever-faster, voice search has soared. Typing is a pain, people want to do it less, and this is effecting SEO in Manchester and beyond!

The effect that this has on the keywords used is pretty huge. When people use voice search rather than typing, the search terms tend to be much longer, and linked across themes. Whereas at a keyboard you might type ‘cheapest insurance Manchester’, whereas with a voice search you would be more likely to use a longer form such as ‘find me the best prices for insurance in the Manchester area’.  Questions are becoming much more common too, for example ‘what is the cheapest insurance I can get in and around Manchester?’

The steady shift of users to voice search creates a different landscape when compared to traditional, typed queries. This will balloon the average query length to way beyond previously known figures. Now that the keyword search terms are becoming longer form, this has some interesting opportunities for SEO companies. With more information being gleaned from the longer keywords, more information about what the user needs, and how to tailor SEO strategy can be levied.

It remains to be seen as to exactly how the landscape will continue to change, but it’s important to note that voice search is not going anywhere any time soon, and SEO companies will need to adapt their strategy to make the most of this advantage.

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