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Digital Marketing to get excited about in Manchester!

17th February 2016

Even though Facebook isn’t the newest kid on the block among social media compared to the likes of Snapchat and Instagram – it is still a key channel in your social media arsenal. Facebook allows you to access to demographics that no other social network can achieve – but with its ever-evolving face, how does this affect the way you need to tailor your digital marketing strategy? SHM is here to break down the latest Facebook features.

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Online content is now consumed more on tablets and mobile devices than through any other medium. Facebook know this, and are constantly tweaking their system to make the most of this emerging trend – and to make it a key asset to web marketing strategy! Earlier this year, the Instant Articles tool was unleashed, with the result that publishers could release mobile-first posts directly to Facebook to maximise their web marketing.

Hitching their wagon to the rising star of live streaming video, Facebook announced last month the pending launch of Facebook Live, which will allow verified users the option to stream videos to their network in real time. Currently both of these systems are available to a niche user group, but there is no denying that Facebook is still capable of setting the leading trends among social media.

Get the most from your social media with our wiley web marketing!

It’s been clear for a while now that to optimise your web and social media marketing, all of your sites and social media accounts need to be mobile-friendly, and this includes any external links you may include amongst your shareable content.

If you aren’t currently using video content, it’s a good idea to look into creating some – which is where we can offer our help! It’s no good trying to remember to post a tweet or Facebook post once every few days – if you want serious results from your social media marketing, and web marketing, you need to get the experts in!

With experience across a huge range of clients, our team at SHM have the skills and knowledge to target key audiences, and to connect to the consumers you need to reach. Currently we are setting alight the world of web marketing in Manchester – but it’s a digital world, and we’re happy to connect further afield! If you need a leg up to Google’s first page, or you need to make your digital content stand out from your competitors, give us a call or a tweet!

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