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Do You Have Your Marketing Strategy Sorted?

13th October 2015

It surprises me how many businesses out there do not own a marketing strategy. This is what I love about the world business economics. The good thing is so many companies are making money the only way they know how, but the better thing is hardly any of these companies have a strategy that promotes sales and growth. Many business alike haven’t even clicked on to all the delightful aspects of PR,implemented a social media strategy, don’t have a clue what SEO stands for, utilised LinkedIn to maximise leads, sent regular e-campaigns…literally the list goes on and on and on. There are an unbelievable amounts of avenues online and offline today that make making money so much easier than it was just a few years ago. However there is also a fierce amount of competition. That is why it is crucial you are stronger than those competing with you, and that is why creative marketing is key.

“Marketing is only a contest for people’s attention”.

How else can you grab their attention? You must make them share their attention, tweet their attention, post a picture on Instagram of their attention and let us not forget the importance of a Facebook status. As we hear you tip top tapping away into Google “How to market a business” we are already doing the Cha cha cha in front of you! Marketing has changed, it is no longer about the things you make, the service you sell but it is about the stories you tell, the emotions you trigger, the excitement and connections you can offer your customers; it is about truly standing out, being a wolf among the sheep and of course getting you in front of as many relevant people as possible. Social media is a great way to get to and connect with people you would never have had the chance to connect with.

Sweetheart Marketing is a digital agency with a great team of experts and a wealth of knowledge of the online and offline marketing world. We specialise in building solid foundations and implementing them into the businesses of our customers to help promote sales, growth and brand awareness. If you know where you need to be, we know how to get you there; and trust us, it is so much easier with a clear straight forward road in front of you.

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