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Do you really need a Manchester PR Agency?

12th February 2016

If you thought that PR was just a matter of making a couple of calls to local press, and talking up your product until they bite, then you’ve been doing it wrong.

PR in Manchester and worldwide, is all about your relationships, and the quality that you can offer to the press and awards panels, and it definitely helps to know the right people! If your PR attempts have been floundering and falling flat, it could be time to think about outsourcing your PR to a Manchester agency – our little black book is bursting with contacts, and our creative consultants have great ideas for campaigns!


PR in Manchester: are you doing it right?

Build a great relationship with the press. It’s really important to get to know the editors and writers and the different kinds of topics that are in their remit before you make contact. To optimise your chances of coverage, it pays to get an idea of the kind of story you need to present. When you work with an experienced PR team, this load is instantly taken off your mind, and you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.

Great original content. Opinionated editorial pieces are a fantastic way to get into print, and to reach a huge audience. Editors of newspapers and online magazines want quick commentary on the ever-changing news cycle, from experts who can illuminate different angles of stories as they unfold. You need to make sure that your business is getting featured in this way, and getting in touch with a PR company is the first step on the ladder to editorial success.

Provide editorials. Topical and timely pieces can see you positioned as a leading authority on a particular topic, and journalists will start to come to you for soundbites when writing on this topic in the future. You have to remember that with PR, you are doing the journalists a favour – in an industry where the deadline rules all, it can be a good break for a journalist or editor to have some interesting copy about your business land in their desk – you just need to know who to get in touch with! That’s where PR consultants come in!

Become award winning. Progressing as a finalist or winning a business awards scheme is a tried and tested way of gaining PR as well as recognition and credibility for your business. Not only will your company will benefit from increased sales and credibility, you will be recognised in your industry as a leader and innovator. Even if you don’t win, simply participating could open doors you didn’t even know existed. It’s all about networking! PR agencies know the ropes, and can help in nominating you for awards that you have a great shot at. Have a chat to our consultants if this is something you’d be interested in.pr agency manchester

Keep your promises. If you schedule an interview, be available and on time. If you arrange to have materials sent to a journalist, make sure they’re actually sent. Journalists work to tight time frames so when you fail to deliver what they’re expecting, it can seriously damage your relationship if you let them down. Not only will they be unlikely to work with you in the future, but in a small industry like print media, you can very quickly gain an unpopular reputation in a whole city by letting down just a couple of people. Enlisting Manchester PR experts is, of course, the best way to handle this. All of the deadlines and day to day work can be handled cleanly and efficiently when an experienced and capable team are looking after your business.

If all of this sounds too good to be true – it isn’t, it’s how we operate at Sweetheart Marketing! We are a PR agency based in Manchester, but we are happy to provide our services nationally, so if you’re looking for the best PR team to deliver you a great campaign and work our sweet, sweet magic, get in touch with one of our consultants for a chat about our services!