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Guerrilla Marketing: How This PR Strategy Could Be Great for Your Business

19th April 2016

We are constantly bombarded by adverts, marketing campaigns and billboards on a daily basis, but with so many adverts out there, how do you create an exciting and memorable campaign that will create a ‘buzz’ and get your product out there? Guerrilla marketing has become an increasingly popular option for companies that want to create that ‘buzz’. With Guerrilla marketing there are no limits. It’s a low cost alternative, but can create gigantic results. The strategy is designed for companies that have little budget to promote their product or services (although bigger companies are now using this strategy); therefore they create highly imaginative and unconventional ways to do so.  It’s all about engaging and grasping the attention of the public in a memorable way.

An effective local PR strategy can get your name out in the most creative, memorable and effective way. Here are some examples:

The Coca-Cola ‘New Grip’ Bus Stop Ad

Coca- Cola took the concept for their new ‘grip bottle’ and took it to a whole new level. To generate buzz for this campaign, they unveiled giant posters made out of Velcro in bus stops throughout Paris. This gripping PR strategy is full of creativity.

Coca-Cola Advert

3M Security Glass

This company was so confident about their bullet proof glass, that they set members of the public a challenge. If you can break the glass, you can keep the amount of money inside. Although there wasn’t 3 million Canadian dollars behind the glass like many reports have suggested (only a measly $500!), this PR strategy was a success! Not only did this campaign go viral and gain worldwide media attention for its innovative and creative stunt, but 3M Security Glass certainly got its name out there.


Copenhagen Zoo Bus

Designed to advertise Copenhagen Zoo, this PR strategy is not something to be missed and will definitely grab your attention. With its highly creative design and high resolution image edited to look like the bus is being crushed by an Anaconda, some passengers even refused to get on board!


The Swiss Skydive

This large scale floor sticker was placed in a lift by a Swiss Sky Diving school. It aimed to give those in the lift the feel and sense that they are about to sky dive, which took this campaign to brand new heights, but also promoting their services.


King Kong 3D Attraction Opening 

With the aim to create a buzz surrounding King Kong 3D attraction opening at Universal Studios Hollywood, this larger than life marketing campaign was produced. With giant footsteps in the sand and a crushed car, destruction certainty had come to this beach and so had a great PR strategy.

 kink kong

How can this Manchester PR Company  help you?

Sweetheart Marketing, a Manchester PR Company is here for any of your marketing needs. Guerrilla Marketing is the way forward and Sweetheart can provide a creative, high energy ideas that can take your business to the next level.  This Manchester PR company can get your name out there in the local area with unconventional, but effective marketing strategies.  So do not hesitate to get in touch.