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How To Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign: Tips by Sweetheart Branding Agency Manchester

31st May 2016

Millions of people have an email account that they check on a daily basis, I mean you’ve probably already checked your emails at least 3 – 4 times today, am I right?  Email marketing is a great way to turn those interested in your business into customers as well as building a stronger relationship with existing customers. Email marketing is still one of the highest rating marketing methods and it is extremely affordable and effective– if it’s done right. As one of the leading ways to reach people, it’s essential that your marketing campaign is done right for it to be successful. Here are top tips for email marketing stardom from Sweetheart, Branding Agency Manchester.

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First off, you need a subject line that is going to boost your open rate. You want something catchy, clear and attention grabbing, so that your target customers are not going to scroll past it when looking through their emails.  You want to tell the reader exactly what is inside the email, keep it relevant and interesting. Also it’s important that your campaigns subject line won’t trigger spam filters, which may lead many people to miss out on your email!

Now it’s time to think about the content. Why you are doing an email marketing campaign in the first place? Are you releasing an exciting new product? Are you offering exclusive discount? When it comes to your campaign, you need to provide your readers with something that they might not have known before. Make it short, to the point, but creative and fun at the same time. Your customers might be signed up for various different subscription emails, therefore you need to make sure that yours stands out.

When most people get new emails, they read them in less than 10 seconds, therefore, it’s extremely important that the email catches people attention and makes them want to find out more about what your company is offering. One way to do this is through eye-catching images and design. Use relevant photographs and create a design that people will remember which will also increase the click through rate. As well as email marketing, Sweetheart Branding Agency Manchester are here for all your graphic designs needs and can provide an eye catching and interesting design to boost your click through rate and increase traffic to your site!

When sending out your email marketing campaign, remember to include clickable links. This could be to the homepage, to an exclusive deal or to a sale page, whatever it is, make sure you include it in your campaign. If you don’t include a link, it might be rare that an individual will search for the website and landing page themselves. The simplicity of leaving a clickable link means people will use it and this will drive traffic to your website, it could also go alongside your social media management and generate new followers or send readers to your blog.

Seeing the results of your email marketing campaign can be exciting, it will help you see what works and what doesn’t. You can see how many people received, opened and clicked through to your website. You can also compare the information of past email performances which will inform you which email campaigns and content are the most effective and what will get you the most results going forward.

This Social Media Management Agency is More Than Just Email Marketing!


With our expertise we can make your email marketing campaign a success. As a brilliant marketing strategy for businesses all sizes, it can provide immediate results if done well. Email marketing campaigns are just one service that Sweetheart Branding Agency Manchester can deliver, with a range of services including social media management, PR and various others, we can  provide creative ideas and amazing results!