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How will the latest social media updates affect online marketing Manchester?

8th February 2016

It might seem like you had 2015 nailed with your online marketing in Manchester, but social media is a fast-changing game, and there are constantly new platforms and updates to transform the way that businesses communicate to and reach customers.

Currently in the pipeline we have Facebook Work. It’s only in trial mode right now, but there are already 1.25m active business users, pushing open the door for new and improved online marketing strategies to be pushed out by varies social media companies.

Almost everyone has got to grips with social media messaging – apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger have shone a whole new light on the applications of messaging for online marketing in Manchester and across the country. While it is not clear cut to all companies offering social media marketing, is how yet to access the wealth of information and buying habits of consumers, this is a mine of information for social media marketing companies and others.phone-793046_1920

Lots of social media sites have been capitalising on this trend for messaging – for example Twitter have scaled back the 140 character limit to access better online marketing opportunities.

If you think that Manchester online marketing is something that your business could benefit from – get in touch with our creative team to improve the customer interaction and approachability of your business.

It’s estimated that by 2017 social media advertising may count for a full 16% of digital advertising spend globally.

There are now many new tools available for small businesses making social advertising more accessible than ever, when it was previously only available for high-end social spenders.

The latest in silver screen ads – your social media company should know that video goes viral

In 2015 Twitter launched videos, Facebook more than doubled its daily video views to 8 billion and Snapchat now reports a daily 6 billion video views.

Video content is hot right now and with adult users consuming an average 66 minutes of online videos each day, it’s no surprise that 70% of companies now say that video is their most effective online marketing tool offered by many a social media company.

If you feel overwhelmed by the latest updates and trends to hit the Manchester online marketing scene – there’s no need to worry, we are a approachable social media company, and no matter what industry you want to get social in, we can create engaging, shareable content to drive traffic to your business. Don’t delay – 2016 is well under way!