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Organising an event in Manchester? You need social media management!

22nd February 2016

Are you organising an event and aren’t sure which way to turn? Need to ensure that your shindig gets the maximum exposure and is the hottest even of the season? Not to worry – that’s why social media management was invented! Check out some of the best tips and tricks you should be getting your head round to maximise your Manchester event’s online marketing!


The first thing to note is that the role of social media extends far beyond event promotion and if that’s all you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong. For example, social networks provide a remarkably easy way to collect RSVP’s and generally have a higher response rate than paper invitations. It also takes a load off that you’ll know who wants to attend!

Social media also offers the opportunity to involve attendees in the actual organisation process. By asking your audience to vote for their favourite speakers, bands or activities, you can create an event programme that you know people will enjoy. What’s more, by giving attendees a voice and making them feel involved, you’re also likely to increase the affinity they feel towards the event.

The best form of event marketing in the online world is social media!

Once you’ve plugged the hashtag, released some promotional videos, and encouraged your attendees to share the event with their friends and followers, you ought to have a respectable turnout – but the work doesn’t stop there. Utilising social media on the day itself can enhance the attendee experience and ensure your event reaches a much wider, global audience.

Need to learn how to work social media management to your event’s advantage? Why not get in touch with our Manchester online marketing team! We’re the whizz kids who can spin your event in a way that will reach your desired audience!

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