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Social Media Management: Are Emojis The Key To Success?

29th April 2016

With Oxford Dictionaries 2015 Word of the Year being this emoji  ‘😂’ translated to ‘Face with Tears With Joy’ it’s fair to say that the emojis have a bigger influence then you may have originally realised.

Whatever you think about emojis, they work. Their ever growing popularity and excitement of new emojis being released brings to people shows their influence and that they may be the way forward for your social media management in Manchester. So what benefits could emojis bring to your social media campaign, let’s find out…

They are a visual way of expressing emotions.

Need to quickly express your opinion? A smiley face with love heart eyes will do. Emojis allow you to express an emotion that isn’t easy to explain with words.

Scientists have discovered that when you look at a smiley face online, the same specific parts of the brain are activated as when we look at a real human face. They can have an impact and are seen as new way of communicating.  You have a limited amount of characters on twitter; therefore a quick emoji may be the perfect way of getting what you want to say across.

You are always just one click away from reacting to a post, whether it is with a happy, sad or angry face. Statistics has shown that using emojis can have a positive effect on interaction levels of your audience. Sweetheart digital marketing agency in Manchester can help you put together a strategy that effectively incorporates emojis into your style and content. There’s no doubt about it, emojis are engaging. Your audience and customers on social media will react to them.

They are widely accessible.

There are web browsers add-ons so you don’t have to go without your precious emojis for your social media updates. You can have them at your fingertips! Facebook have also acknowledged the emojis craze with the introduction of ‘reactions’, a tool that people can use to respond to a Facebook status apart from the traditional ‘like’ button.

Emojis has also resulted in company growth and can boost sales! Fancy a Domino’s pizza but can’t be bothered to call them? No worries, just send them the pizza emoji on twitter and they will deliver it for you.  YES, THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING.

Social Media management

Now, we’re not saying send pizza to every customer, but you can see that effect that emojis could have on your social media management in Manchester. They’re always at your fingertips and can be seen as an effect way to communicate with your audience – they’re engaging!

They are a popular tool. 

When Apple’s iOS 9.1 update arrived, along with it came 184 brand new emojis and a spot in many national newspapers. In the Telegraph every single new emoji was published alongside a description and they were listed in one long ‘Emojipedia’. People want to read about them and know what the latest update entailed. Therefore, involving them in your social media management shows you are on trend.

They can add personality to your twitter, in between the sales pitches, emojis can add a bit of fun and customers will be able to relate to you!

How can Sweetheart Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester help you?

Sweetheart specialises in social media management and can tell you everything you need to know about emojis and how to use social media to run a successful campaign. Sweetheart marketing is here for any of your marketing needs, whether you need help with SEO, social media management or PR, we can help. 😄