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Social Media Management – which platforms are the best for your business?

29th February 2016

The world is awash with social media platforms – there are new apps uploaded to the store every month, but there are only a few main ones you need to concern yourself with. The big hitters for most businesses are still Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re not social media savvy, you may think that these platforms are all alike in what they do and who they reach. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. As online marketing experts based in Manchester, our team gets up close and personal with social media throughout the day, and we have learned first-hand what works on one network will not necessarily translate that well to another.


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Facebook still retains the greater market share, with almost twice as many registered users as Twitter. However, what social media management call the ‘algorithm’ is significantly different, and means that you reach users in a different way than Twitter. This can make it more difficult for your content to reach the audience you’re seeking.

Even with the new updates, Twitter remains a more constant stream of updates and shares, and with a well-placed online marketing plan, you can find it easier to get your content in front of your desired audience.

If you have the time to be proactive, and to give serious thought to your social media management strategy, Twitter is a great shout for your business – if, however, you only want to be posting every few days, or even weekly, adding some budget to promote your Facebook posts could be a strategy that would work better.

Of course, the best solution is to pick the brains of Manchester online marketing brains! We eat, sleep, social media, repeat. If you have any questions about our social media management services, or you’d like to hear more about what we can do for your company – get in touch! Hit the sweet spot with Sweetheart Marketing!