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Social Media News That Could Shake Up Your Social Media Marketing in Manchester!

5th May 2016

Social media is forever changing with new apps and new features being released on a daily basis, therefore it’s important that your social media strategy reflects what has happening in the digital world. Let’s take a look at what’s happened this week that could shake your social media marketing in Manchester up…

Social Media Marketing in Manchester

Instagram pilot dedicated brand pages

Having the same owner means that Instagram and Facebook may have some similarities. It started with selling ads the same way that Facebook does and now Instagram are introducing brand pages. Instagram will be building profile pages specifically aimed at businesses and THIS is what it will look like. Anything look familiar? There’s now a contact button! The brand pages and contact button allows customer to directly get in contact with you – quick and easy. The contact button will bring up an option of the companies email or the directions to their business, therefore making companies more available to their customers on Instagram.

10 billion video views a day on Snapchat

It is now being reported that 10 billion videos are being viewed each day through Snapchat. It’s an app that keeps people interested. As it constantly releases new features and filters, it is a continuous stream of entertainment and people love it, and that shows in this recent statistic.  More and more brands are signing up to the app as part of their social media marketing in Manchester and it’s easy to see why! With the app becoming widely popular, following companies and brands has become easy. A quick video a day allows the audience to see what the company is up to on a day to day basis, upcoming releases and exciting news, just in a quick 30 second video!

Instagram including more ads

Along with the brand pages, Instagram will be introducing a ‘carousel’ feature. With ads popping up on your Instagram feed more frequently, this feature means that multiple ads can take up the same space on your Instagram feed, allowing you to swipe through them in order to see more of the brand. The carousel is aimed directly at the advertisers and can be a mix of photos and videos in order to get the best image of your brand. The carousels can be 3 -5 slides long and the videos can be a maximum of 1 minute long, which is potentially 5 minute of adverts for your brand. As the video format is becoming widely popular when it comes to snapchat, it might be time to utilise Instagram’s video feature for your social media marketing in Manchester when promoting your products and brand.

Twitters Connect Tab

The Connect tab will be a new feature for Twitter and launched with the aim to attract more users. The new feature on the app makes it easier for people to find accounts to follow. The connect tab will pull together information from your account already, such as where you are located, who you already follow and what events are already happening on twitter. The tab will change over time as it will continue to refine recommendations based on your activity. This could be great for your social media marketing in Manchester as potentially more customers could be exposed to your brand. If they are following similar accounts or are interested in similar things that your brand is selling, then you are likely to be featured on the connect page and potentially received more page engagement.


How can this Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester help you with the latest digital trends?

With digital marketing trends constantly changing, new apps being released frequently and various different features being added to existing apps, it’s smart to stay up to speed so you can maximise your social media presence. Sweetheart Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester can help you with any of your social media marketing needs and help your company stay up to date with the latest digital trends!