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The 5 Reasons you need a Creative Agency to manage your Content Marketing

26th January 2016

We recently read a study by the Content Marketing Institute, and the main conclusion was that only 38% of companies think their content marketing is effective. The same study also stated that 35% of the companies studied had a content marketing strategy in place at all!
Content marketing isn’t something you can have a willy-nilly approach to. Like any commercial, savvy business decision, there is a science to it, and there are hard and fast rules that WILL produce results. We know that it can be confusing AND time consuming to mount your own campaign, but that’s why you need the skills that a Creative Agency team bring to the table. Here are our top 9 reasons that you need some professionals managing your content.
digital agency manchester1) Clear Goals – It isn’t enough just to want more custom from your content marketing. With experienced creatives on the case, you can work together to build strong, achievable goals, which further you to an ultimate aim. Having a digital agency on board is also great, as they have experience in the business, and you can bring your industry knowledge and experience to the table. It’s a perfect storm – a brain storm!

2) Your target audience – Every business owner wants their product or service to appeal to as many people as possible, but when you have skilled digital professionals working on your account, they bring targeted and precision knowledge of how to reach the best possible audience for your brand. Businesses often underestimate how essential it is to identify the target group, and many times this results in the publishing of great content to a completely uninterested and lacklustre audience.
3) Defining your brand with a story – It’s important to be clear in what you want to tell your customers, and then to create the content around this message. The team at our digital agency can tell you – the story isn’t always about your product and its uses, it can be something completely different. With creative flair and great experience, finding a story that works can be hugely rewarding for your brand.
4) A strong content schedule – When you are involved in the nitty gritty of running a business, posting up content once a month can seem like a mammoth achievement – but in the world of content marketing? It isn’t going to cut it. While it is essential to have high quality content as part of your digital marketing strategy, if you don’t post regularly, and with a high volume, you will simply be shouting into the abyss. This is one of the main reasons that it can be invaluable to outsource your social media and content marketing to people who know what they’re doing – they have the time to put into it, and to make your content marketing a success!social media marketing manchester
5) It isn’t easy – In the age of social media, almost everyone has a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram account – that’s before you even get to Vine and Snapchat and the new up-and-coming apps! But with great exposure to social media come great assumptions that anyone can make a success of content marketing. This, sadly, is not how it works. Realistically, you need to be very good at what you do for content marketing to work – and not everyone has the time, skills or experience to make a success of it.



With a well-defined social media and content marketing strategy, knowledge of this fast-paced industry, and experience of successful campaigns, content marketing has a chance to revolutionise the way you reach audiences. You can’t afford to miss out on the fruits of digital marketing labour, but you need the right team on the job.
Here at SHM, we are a digital agency based in Manchester with a wealth of experience working with national and international brands. We utilize social media marketing, fantastic vibrant content, and SEO so that our clients climb new heights. If you would like to have a chat about how we can change how audiences relate to your brand, get in touch with our friendly team!