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The golden rules that PR companies live by

2nd March 2016

If you have never dipped your toe in the waters of PR, you’re probably completely unaware of how much your business can gain from the perfect PR strategy. Don’t confuse publicists with PR consultants – PR is so much more than just publicity!

You not only need to focus on getting your company seen by the people who matter, but also manage the perceptions of your business in the public eye.


Check out the golden rules that PR companies follow to make an impact!

Knows for news – It’s important to stay current, and to know what news story to sniff out. Anything that makes an impact is a great news story, and this is the angle you have to sell to journalists and media people to generate a buzz!

Preparation is key – It is essential to have a plan going forward. It’s no use making use of your great contacts only to fall short with the content that you’re passing over to them. It needs to be compelling, and your press release has to be ready to go as soon as you’ve been given the nod. A PR company working for you should have this one in the bag.

No porkies – PR companies have a bad rep for being deliberately misleading, and full of a lot of hot air. However, any decent PR company worth its reputation will operate in a transparent way. Lies always catch up with you, and whether you’re dealing with celebrities, customers or journalists, people can smell a tall tale a mile away. Keep it real, and concentrate on bigging up your business, rather than inventing stories.

Get creative – Stick to the truth, but make it interesting! Think outside the box, and stop worrying what other people are doing. Originality will always win out in the end. To stay ahead of the pack, a PR company should be carving out some great original ideas, not rehashing the same old thing.

PR Consultants with class

If all of this is going over your head, or you aren’t quite sure how to implement the tips we’ve given, maybe it’s time to hand the reigns to a PR company who can get the ball rolling! If you have questions about what our PR consultants could do for you, why not get in touch! Sweetheart Marketing are a PR agency in Manchester, but we have clients across the country! Let us help to sing your praises and put your company on the map!