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The SEO Manchester game – are you winning it?

4th February 2016

SEO can be a bit of a confusing conundrum to most owners of businesses. Creative Agencies exist as companies who can optimize a site effectively, but with so many variables to a fully employed traditional “SEO campaign,” it can be tricky to tell a great company from one who is coasting – and on your money! If you don’t know the first thing about SEO, it can be almost impossible to tell whether your agency is doing a good job. For example, if you see slow growth over the past month, it could be due to other activities unrelated to what your agency is doing. So what are the signs that you should shop around and get yourself a new SEO Manchester campaign!



If you do have a Creative Agency Manchester on retainer, and you’re not sure whether or not they’re doing what’s best for your business, check out our tips! If any of these ring true for your Creative Agency – it’s time to taste a sweeter life at SHM.


  1. You Aren’t Seeing Any Progress. This might seem obvious, but “progress” in the SEO world is a debatable term. During your first few months of an SEO engagement it is true that it can take time to establish a foundation to begin seeing a return. However, once you’ve been working for a few months, you should start some progress in your organic search traffic.
  2. SEO never remains the same for long. It’s a fast-paced game, and unless your Creative Agency is on top of their game, you will see your results begin to dwindle. There’s always a new search engine update, a new consumer trend, or a new technology to use to get
  3. Poor Link Building Strategy – Poor quality links can actually damage the results you’re seeing. Just because work is getting done, it doesn’t mean you’re generating great results from it. Creative agencies should be exactly that – creative! If their approach is lacklustre, you need to reconsider your position. an edge over the competition. A good agency will keep track of these changes and update their strategies to match them. Seek out an SEO Manchester agency that keeps up with the latest tech news and evolves its strategy, or you could end up missing out.

Bag a Creative Agency Manchester with some serious cloud!

  1. Dull content. Content and SEO are more than linked – they’re the closest of friends. Without great content, there is no hope of getting a great SEO campaign up and running. If great content is not a key tenant of the SEO Manchester plan, then something needs to change, and fast. However, the bar for content quality has risen over the past few years as content marketing has become even more popular; if you want any chance of surviving, your content has to be some of the best the Internet can offer in your niche.


SEO Manchester is a competitive game, and there are many creative agencies out there—big, small, expensive, cheap, but what’s important is that they can achieve results. And not everyone is equipped to do this.

If your current SEO team aren’t getting you the results that you’re paying for, it’s something you need to address quickly. If you’re looking to live life on the sweeter side, give us a call at Sweetheart Marketing!