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Twitter Changes: What You Need to Know To Get The Best Out of Your Online Marketing

6th June 2016

In January 2016, there was recorded to be over 332 million active twitter users. With such an enormous amount of users, it would be silly to not promote your businesses or services on a platform which could reach such a large quantity and a wide range of people. Twitter has a character limit on tweets of 140, however in the last week they have announced changes that will be happening when it comes to their character limit which will immensely improve your online marketing.  Here’s a few of them….

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REPLIES: When replying to someone else’s tweets, the @names will normally count towards the 140 characters. Therefore, if you’re replying to a few people in one tweet, what you will be able to say will become limited. Twitter is changing this so that when replying to a tweet, the @names will no long be counted towards the limit. No more using slang, cutting out words or unable to say as much as you like, this is a welcomed change making interaction that little bit easier for your online marketing in Manchester.

MEDIA ATTACHMENTS: Currently, adding a GIF, photo, video or poll to your tweet counts towards your twitter limit. Once again, this makes it difficult to include all that you want to say in your tweet, especially for businesses and services. Removing the media attachments characters makes selling your business easier. Now you can fit in a photo and a link without shortening what you want tweet, making more room for a salesy or promotional posts, as well as any other kind of tweet you might like to send!

RETWEET AND QUOTE YOURSELF: At the moment we can retweet other people’s post, however if we want to retweet ourselves and give an old tweet a push, we are unable to. When the new twitter changes come into play, we will be able to do this. Therefore, if we ever want an old tweet to reach more people or want to promote your tweet even more, we will now be able to retweet and retweet quote ourselves, which will be great for online marketing and allow Sweetheart Creative Agency Manchester to get the most out of your twitter account!

.@ ARE NO LONGER A THING: When in a conversation with another twitter user, many of us use .@name to make sure that our tweet reaches a wider audience. However, twitter are now changing the rules meaning the full stop will no longer be needed to get all your tweets seen. From now on, all new tweets that begin with a @name will reach your followers, however, .@ may still be needed when replying to a tweet. Twitter have suggested that when it comes to a reply to be seen by all your followers, one way of doing so is retweeting it (see previous point) so that all your followers will see the conversation unfolding.

This Creative Agency Manchester Will Make Sure Your Online Marketing Is the Best It Can Be!

So there you have it – the twitter updates that you need to know about. With Twitter being a huge platform, the changes in the tweets can only mean good things for you and your business, as you are no longer being held back by lack of characters. These changes will allow higher quality and explained tweets, as well as allowing more room for salesy and promotional tweets. Not only that, but Twitter have promised even more updates to make Twitter better and help you get most out of your online marketing.  Online marketing is just one of the many services that Sweetheart Creative Agency Manchester specialises in! Do you want to take your online marketing to the next level? Get in touch with Sweetheart Marketing Creative Agency Manchester today!