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Want To Up Your Online Marketing? Here’s 4 Reasons Why Snapchat is Essential For Your Business!

14th June 2016

It was announced in the last few weeks that Snapchat is receiving more daily users than Twitter. With more than 150 million people using snapchat every day and being the third most popular social networking site, this app is growing rapidly! For business’ who seem lost with Snapchat or think it’s just for the young’uns, it’s can be a game changer for your business and online marketing, and here’s why….

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It can create a behind the scenes buzz! You can give your customers a snippet of how the company works and what goes into customers receiving their products. Granted, Snapchat will work for some business’ better than others, however giving your followers access to scenes that is not documented on other social media platforms brings excitement. This might be sneak peeks of new products that are making its way onto the market, teasers about what is coming up for the brand or even what the people behind the brand are doing.



Like I’ve mentioned, Snapchat is gaining huge daily visitors and celebrities have gained huge followings on this social media site. Collaborating with celebrities on their Snapchat story is a great way to get your product out there, but in a natural, less scripted way. Snapchat is showing what is happening now and it is less rehearsed than a Youtube video might be. Collaborating with a celebrity can help get your brand and name out there, due to the high watching figures and its authenticity. Celebrities Snapchats can get thousands and thousands of views daily, therefore it would be great for your social media management and you may even get more exposure on there than other social media platforms.

You can even get someone who is highly influential within your target market to take over your Snapchat for a short period of time. This can not only boost your following, but it will also boost brand awareness.



Snapchat is great for sharing exclusive content. Competitions and discount codes work great for this social media platform and for your social media management as people need to follow you and watch your ‘stories’ to find out how to enter your giveaway or find our your discount code for your site. Bringing exclusive deals to your Snapchats once again creates a buzz and excitement. You need to give your followers a reason why they should follow you.



Have you got an exciting new product that is just about to be released? Or do you want to give a quick demo about how to use a product that you’ve already got? Then snapchat is the place to do this! You can give your followers an up close and personal demonstration of products and reveal behind the scenes gossip or facts that people might not generally know about you brand. You need to add value and entertainment and snapchat is the perfect online marketing tool to do so!


Facts Which Will Convince You That You Need to Introduce Snapchat into Your Social Media Management! 


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t got snapchat for your business already, download it immediately! Or even better, let Sweetheart Online Marketing Manchester do it for you! We specialise in social media management and can take your business and your online marketing to the next level!