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What Are The Key SEO Trends In 2016 That Will Affect Web Marketing? We Give You The Top 5!

21st October 2015

The year has flown by, and all of a sudden we’re staring down the wrong end of 2015! The time flies, but how has the landscape of SEO shifted over the past few months, and what is the direction for next year? Read on, my pretties…

1) App Store Optimisation – Known in web marketing circles as ‘ASO’, much like Conversion Rate Optimisation, this has become a bit of a 2015 buzzword. For the first time in history, this was the year that mobile usage surpassed desktop – to take advantage of this, more companies are creating their own apps, and need ASO to compete with each other in an increasingly saturated market. In 2016 this is set to become increasingly complex and sophisticated.

2) Different phases of SEO – Digital agencies need to think about keywords as concepts more than rigid phrases to stick by. One way things are going to change moving into 2016 is an increased focus on distinctive campaigns at different steps within the client experience. It will become increasingly important to have a cloud of keyword phrases that are relevant to users at the beginning of their journey, and then, say, a different set for users who are ready to purchase those services/goods. This will be key to the strategy of web marketers moving into the new year.

3) ‘Micro Moments’ – Related to point 2, is what Google this year coined ‘micro moments’. This is a term to describe the increasingly fragmented and granular user experience, as more cross-platform and cross-device online interactions occur. It will be essential for those working in digital marketing to find new strategies to accommodate for this in 2016, and adjust their measuring protocol accordingly.

4) Google is cracking down on content! – Good news for any digital agency that focuses energies on original, compelling content, rather than relying on lazy click-bait strategies, Google is upping its algorithm game! Articles like ‘You won’t believe what happens next…’ are less likely to rank, and we could see large penalties for content pushers that continue to rely on this kind of headline. The face of social media could look entirely different this time next year!

5) Google knowledge graph – For some time now, Google has been steadily increasing the information that is displayed on search results, for example with cinema listings and train times. Sometimes there is so much info that it actually reduces the need to click on the page – this poses an ongoing question for websites that are vying for space online, and companies that are affected will have to make up the shortfall of clicks, upping their web marketing strategy significantly.

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You need a digital agency who keeps their head in the game!

The game of web marketing is constantly in flux, and as Google’s algorithms update more seamlessly than they did only a few years ago, the market doesn’t stand still for long. If you’re looking for a digital agency that can keep on top of the changes, and use them to spin you an advantage, look no further than our creative team. For any information that you need, or if you’re looking for a fresh strategy as the New Year approaches, get in touch!